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Top Beauty Essentials for 2019

We’ve compiled a list of the top beauty essentials that you need in 2019. They comprise of the following items:

1. Aloe Vera Color Changing Lip Balm

Recently reformulated, this is a fantastic natural beauty option. You should definitely buy it and use it. Once you try it, you can’t go back.

2. 7pc Professional Makeup Brush Set or 10 Professional Make-Up Brushes

A gorgeous new set, this is a super classy set of nylon brushes for all of your make-up. Super soft feel, beautiful look.

3. Portable Perfume Bottle and Vintage Refillable Perfume Bottle

Take the darling glittered portable perfume bottle with you anywhere. No more breaking your back carrying heavy perfumes! Now you can take your favourite scent with you. Fill the beautiful vintage bottle up with your favourite perfume. It is simply gorgeous and you deserve to feel like a princess.

4. Magical Detangling Comb

Tired of tangles? This baby will work with your hair to rejuvenate it. It’s also portable and affordable. Pick your favourite colour and off you go.

5. Diva Lashes or Princess Lashes

Stop buying expensive false lashes for $10 or $15 a pop. Buy one of these fantastic sets of five handmade lashes and look like the diva or princess that you are.

6. Dry Brush

A dry brush is an empty mascara tube. You can use a dry brush to manicure your eyelashes and brows, without worrying about eye infections as much as you might from using old mascara tubes to do the same thing. Every babe needs a dry brush and you can get a high quality one at a great price.

This natural, gentle and nourishing eyeshadow formula was made for every babe who cares about her eyes. Perfect for sensitive skin , this delicate eyeshadow is great if you’re trying to get away from the plastic reality of today’s shadows.

8. Brightening Bath Bomb

These puppies are made of sea salt and essential oils. Removal of dead skin to make skin smooth, tender and brighter. These bath bombs are effective for moisturising and aromatherapy.

9. Natural Beauty Skin Brightening Kit

Grab a discount on your fave products by combining them into one fantastic pack.

Babe Au Naturel is the best beauty supply store, for all of your lovely beauty needs. Contact us today if you have any questions. 

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