The Babe Au Naturel Mission

Our mission at Babe Au Naturel was briefly discussed in this instagram post.

We’d like to elaborate on our reasons in this post. Our aim is not to offend anybody, but to change the world.

1. We were tired of natural beauty products without enough active ingredients to actually work

Whenever anyone buys any product anywhere, they want to be sure that what they’re buying will actually work. If it doesn’t work, then why waste your money on it? We acknowledge the strength and power of the placebo effect, but we believe that it would be unethical of us to sell you products without active ingredients. Unlike anyone else out there, we are a non-traditional beauty brand.

2. We got over brands telling us that we’re unattractive and need to change ourselves

Many beauty companies claim that they want to help women, yet all they do is make women feel unattractive and further develop deep insecurities. Many companies play on the insecurities that they have created by developing products to “solve” those insecurities; that’s not ethical, we want women to feel good, even if it means that less women will buy from us.

3. We got tired of women being sold pseudoscience from clever marketers, for example such as “this orange is 99% fat free and has no added sugar” (DUH)

Yeah, so we know that oranges are gluten-free and that mangoes contain natural sugar (fructose). Stop treating us like idiots! Stop marketing to us like we’re scientifically illiterate. We know things, and trying to use fancy pseudoscientific lingo is not going to make us become your customer! That’s why you won’t be seeing that rubbish from us, you’ll only see the facts.

4. We got sick of being sold to pyramid and MLM schemes & we were tired of brands charging US money to distribute for THEM…#sorrynotsorry for this one!

If you’re one of the 0.14% (not even half of one percent) of people who can make some sort of living from MLM, then congratulations – this comment is not directed towards you. If you’re not and you’ve been suckered into these schemes and are looking for something genuinely free, then our affiliate program is for you. Simply register, receive your unique link, direct people to it and earn 10% commission uncapped. No product purchases required, ever. You can use our discount codes to buy products if you love them, but we are not an MLM company because our products speak for themselves; we don’t need to make our distributors purchase them.

5. We got tired of paying $20 for 3 week shipping in metro areas

We’ve managed to give you free shipping to most places in over 38 countries now, because buying something for $10 and paying $20 shipping never feels good.

If you’re sick of the corporate, greedy makeup giants telling you that you’re ugly, #babeaunaturel is the brand for you! If you’re tired of wasting money on stock after stock and scheme after scheme, Babe Au Naturel is for you too! If you are sick of being sold to, sick of feeling like they think you’re stupid and you see through their s***?, you’re with us. If you’re tired of being lied to and just want some honesty, break away and join us.

That’s it – that’s what we’re about. Nothing more, nothing less.