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Managing Make-Up, Beauty and Skin

Managing Make-Up, Beauty and Skin

Managing make-up, beauty and skin is simple enough for most people, but many of us tend to over-indulge in make-up, and under-indulge in skin restoration. These three tips should help you manage your make-up, beauty and skin without compromising on the quality of your look.

1. Reduce your foundation by improving the skin underneath it

Think back for a second to the moment when you decided that foundation is something that you cannot live without. Was it an imperfection? A scar, perhaps? Some pores that you wanted to cover up, or did you just want to look more like your favourite celebrity? Just know that since the moment that you’ve started wearing it, you’ve been clogging your pores, day in and day out. If you give your pores a rest and take care of the skin underneath the foundation that you would normally wear, there’s a fantastic chance that your skin may improve naturally.

2. Start using enhancing products instead of those that mask or change you

If you drastically change your face, you need to look inside of you and see the Goddess that’s itching to get out. She’s stuck under your thick foundation walls and she cannot push through, no matter how hard she tries. Set her free, and aim for a more natural look. You might even save some money by using less harmful products on your skin. If you use natural products that enhance your look, you can make the most of your beauty. A fantastic natural product that enhances the wearer’s natural features is this fabulous Babe’s Jade Face Roller.

3. Re-think your skincare routine

If you think you may be wearing make-up and using skincare products that contain parabens or other nasty chemicals, you should re-think your whole collection of items. Using natural items to cleanse and brighten your skin may help to improve it. A great alternative to harsh products may be this Babe’s Facial Silicone Brush, which is a great product for sensitive skin. We recommend that you strip down the amount of skincare products that you use and surround yourself with calming, beautiful objects instead to harvest their energy and project it onto you.

Remember, treating yourself with Babe Au Naturel is a great way to improve your skin naturally.