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How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

There are so many different brands of nailpolish out there. It is almost impossible to know how to choose the best one for you. Is it the most expensive brand? Can a cheaper nailpolish be good? What about mid-range? This article teaches you how to choose the best nailpolish for you regardless of its price and shows you some of the best ones available using this criteria:

  1. Colour
    Some nail polish colours are not bright enough. You should ensure that the colour of your nail polish suits your skin tone or matches you in some way – even if it is your outfit.
  2. Smell
    Think back to those times you avoided your favourite nailpolish colour because of the smell. You should pick a nailpolish that either dries quickly or has a minimal amount of smell.
  3. Visual Effect
    Whether your preference is a matte, shiny or a fabulous metallic coat, it is important to ensure that you pick the type of visual effect that you like. Babe Au Naturel has the best metallic visual effects, such as Rose Gold Mirror NailpolishTeal Mirror NailpolishMidnight Mirror NailpolishSky Blue Mirror NailpolishBronze Mirror NailpolishBerry Mirror NailpolishLime Mirror NailpolishRuby Mirror NailpolishSilver Mirror Nailpolish and Lilac Mirror Nailpolish.
  4. Cost
    It is absolutely fine to pick high value nail polishes. They do not need to be $50 to be high quality. Our nail polishes are only $9.99.
  5. Bottle Size
    Our nail polishes on Babe Au Naturel are of a mini size, so they are perfect to take with you on holidays and into a tiny handbag. The shape and size of the bottle is important to ensure that it fits well into your beauty stores.

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