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How to Brighten Your Skin on the Face and Body

Do you have spots on your skin? Is it patchy and dark? Is it the same for your body? Do you want to brighten your skin? Using natural remedies that we have in our store, you can achieve better results than with expensive creams. Cleansing is the most important thing that you can do to brighten your skin.

We can definitely help you, it is absolutely our pleasure. We have many clients who are love our range of skin brightening cleansing soaps. To stop your skin being dry, it is also important to ensure that you moisturize your skin. We could talk about the benefits of moisturizing your skin for hours, but that was not the question at hand so we will do my best to stick to the point.

Skin Brightening Soap for the Face

My recommendations for anyone trying to brighten the skin on their face would be to buy this soap here:

Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap

This is the best facial soap that we have ever seen at Babe Au Naturel and we have tested many here. It suits many sensitive skin types. Made of high quality bamboo charcoal, this soap can help brighten anyone’s skin. Please note that if you use this soap, it may eventually lighten your skin too, so please do not use this soap if you are trying to become tanned.

Skin Brightening Soap for the Body

Finally, if you paln on using any sort of brightening products on your face, you should also think of your body. We have a product that is for intimate body areas and the body in general:

Handmade Skin Brightening Soap


The prices are marked on our site. Don’t forget that shipping is free, and we’ve started shipping to India and the United Arab Emirates now.

If you have anymore questions, that you have a look at each product by clicking each link and using our contact form.

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