best beauty supply store

How to pick the best beauty supply store for you

How to pick the best beauty supply store for you

When picking the best beauty supply store for you, it’s easy to stick to traditional brick and mortar beauty supply stores and beauty salons. If you’re looking for the best deal on your beauty supplies, it’s not about finding a beauty supply store near you or a a beauty supply near me. Babe Au Naturel is different to your traditional beauty supply store because we don’t have any alterior motive to sell you products. If you buy from our beauty bar, if our beauty box rocks your socks, it’s because our beauty products are good value for you. We are the best beauty supply store near you. Before Babe Au Naturel, I too would look to buy supplies from a beauty store near me. I have learned though, that while many traditional beauty shops are trying to add value; some are simply trying to push customers into buying products, whether or not they need them. Why? It’s not because they are bad, it’s just that they need the additional revenue stream to keep their doors open.

Effective products only

At Babe Au Naturel, you won’t see us trying to sell you a teeth whitening kit or a skin whitening with potato lotion. We won’t pretend that you can use coffee for skin whitening in any effective way. You certainly don’t find teeth whitening strips or dental care in our store because we believe that all medical care should come from a physician (MD) and all dental care should come from a dentist. We acknowledge that although we are the best beauty supply store, that we are that – a beauty supply store, and we are not a supplement for medicine in any capacity.

Treatments that burn

Some people swear by skin whitening laser treatment, but those of us who have sensitive skin might not be able to take a laser treatment for skin whitening. Plus, we love our natural skin color at Babe Au Naturel and don’t advocate for dangerous treatments. Beware of treatments that promise permanent skin whitening, they can leave you with scars and are often made with very dangerous ingredients. Also, it is known that permanent skin whitening via a laser can be unsafe, leading to permanent burns and disfigurement, especially if completed by a back alley technician. We’re your beauty skin care specialist store. We won’t endorse dangerous creams or treatments, or encourage you to change your natural beauty.

Sensitive skin specialty

If you’re worried about your sensitive skin, you’ve definitely come to the right place. You can make your skin brighter, glossier and smoother, even if you have sensitive skin. Instead of looking for a skin care clinic near me or near you, you should be purchasing our handmade sensitive skin products. Our products are great for men and women. Our products are suitable for womens skin care routines and for mens skin care routines, we do not discriminate. We also cater to those who have a skincare routine for dry skin. As we cater to sensitive skin types, we do not advocate for using any type of of diy face scrub for sensitive skin. We advocate for using gentle tools – this is definitely something that anyone with sensitive skin should consider. If you do have sensitive skin, we urge for you to use an alternative to the harsh chemicals of today.

We already know that the best face cleansing tools for sensitive skin are already sold here, at Babe Au Naturel.